Functional move is a combination of yoga, pilates, muscle strengthening and balance. It strengthens the body, increases movability and relaxes the busy mind. Movability of the muscles, joints and spine develops and consequently improves your balance and posture. Take your indoor sports equipment and water bottle with you to class. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt if you wish.



This new trampoline exercise challenges your balance and core control. You will sweat but also smile!

In the World Jumping Trampoline class, the exercises are performed on small trampolines. These classes will increase your heart rate and efficiently tones your whole body. This is the place to be if you want a firm buttocks! The class includes two muscle strengthening sessions and recovering final stretches. Anyone can come to the class and regulate the pace and intensity of the class themselves.



This effective exercise is performed with Girya kettlebells and it affects the whole body. We use kettlebells of 4–20 kilograms during the classes. You will train a whole group of muscles during Kettlebell class instead of only one! The class is composed of warm-ups, technique exercises and kettlebell movements. Does not include steps or choreography. Anyone can come to the class.



The senior exercise group includes various sports, for example stick exercises, gym training, movability and muscle exercises with different equipment, as well as general body maintenance. This class is suited for all seniors, and it is a great opportunity to have a new hobby and meet new people. You can even stay after the class for some Nordic walking or roller skating.



Functional training challenges the whole body and your endurance. Several equipment, such as TRX Trainers, giant balls and Ugi balls, are used during the class. Some exercises are done using your own bodyweight. All exercises activate several muscle groups and target core muscles in particular. The biggest benefit of functional training is the fact that it offers a consistent, fun, versatile and efficient way to reach your goals – whether you are a beginner or an experienced trainer. Functional training is suited for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.