Workplace Health Promotion Event at the Arenas

Custom-planned and fun workplace health and wellbeing promotion events, birthdays and bachelor or bachelorette parties at Botniahall, Vaasan Sähkö Arena and Elisa Stadium.

Sports days can truly inspire people to move more. Trying new things in sports can be motivational and offer unforgettable experiences. Our professional lectures on nutrition, exercise and emotional wellbeing can give you new ideas and means to pursue healthier ways of life.

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Workplace Wellbeing and Coaching

The workplace wellbeing at the Vaasa Region Arenas is comprehensive and promotes health. It includes exercise, nutrition, leisure time, sleep, social activities and recovery. The comprehensive coaching package is built on the basis of the company’s goals, which include wellbeing at the workplace, decreasing sickness absences, promotion of wellbeing and lasting lifestyle changes.

Coaching 3–12 months
- Personal interview and initial testing
- Individual or small group coaching every week
- Follow-up and final testing

Watch a video of a workplace health promotion event here

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PALVELUTARJOTIN 2019-liikuntatuokiot-EN


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